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India is known for its vibrant cultural diversity with a long history of developments in science and technology. Basics of mathematics, astronomy, medicine, metallurgy, ship building, town planning, harvesting of water power, textiles, technical craft were parts of cultural life of India thousands of years ago. Some of the basic discoveries of mathematics were made in India. Invention, assimilation and modification of techniques and processes in various fields of science and technology continue even today with greater vigour as the nation marches ahead to become a strong country in the world of science and technology. The exhibition portrays 5000 years of Science and Technology Heritage of India through varied period setting dioramas, models, interactive exhibits and multimedia kiosks.

mathematics, logic, medicine and linguistics and the works of philosophers from Sankhya school, Nyaya Vaisesika school, Sulva Sutras, Apastamba, Katyayana, Baudhayana the Upanishads etc.

The story of ancient Indian science and technology development is presented here through sections on physical concepts, mathematics, astronomy, metals and metallurgy, town planning and architecture, technical crafts, coin minting, water technology, medicine, maritime activities, glass technology, perfumery, earth sciences, musical instruments and agriculture

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