Science City » Nano Lab

Science City has launched nano-scale science to the public through this NANOLAB because of its wide-ranging implications both within scientific disciplines and the society at large. One of the main purposes of this lab is to offer experiences and products that interest and engage the public and present current science and technology topics in “do-it-yourself” format. Students are encouraged to take-up research projects on nano science and technology and are free to work on weekends, holidays, vacations as per their convenience with prior appointment.

Nanotechnology is a particularly challenging topic for museums because the science is very complex and museums sometimes do not have content experts. This thus creates a platform for sustained relationships between informal science education institutions like museums together with universities, research centres, scientific societies and individual researchers to offer activities in cutting edge science such as nano-technology in do-it-yourself format for the general public using the expertise of the scientists. It also creates an opportunity for the scientists to reach out to the common man.