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21 Years of Dedicated Service to the Cause of Science


Details of Project since its Inception

Name of the Architect FirmM/s. Development Consultants Private Limited, 24, Park Street, Kolkata-700 016
What inspired to do so?European countries during early 1990s began expanding their museum spaces by incorporating immersive experiences and larger than life size models. Self-sustained model of a science centre was a challenge for the chief executives of the science museum professionals throughout the world. Science City was an initiative to take up this challenge.
Commencement of project workIn 1993
Names of all former Directors 1. Dr. T.K. Ganguly
From 1.5.1998 to 29.4.2006
2. Shri G.S. Rautela
From 3.10.2006 to 16.1.2009
3. Shri Arijit Dutta Choudhury
From 17.1.2009 to 31.3.2018
Name of the DirectorShri Subhabrata Chaudhuri
From 01.04.2018 to till date