Science City » Earth Exploration Hall

Earth Exploration Hall, a unique permanent exhibition on Earth has been opened to the visitors on 6th December 2008. The exhibition is housed in a two storied hemispherical building of 25 meters diameter that displays the details of the southern hemisphere in the ground floor and northern hemisphere in the first floor. A huge Earth globe is located at the centre of the hall surrounded by multi-media presentations on all major global issues. The exposition is divided into 12 equal longitudinal segments for each hemisphere and all important features of each segment such as physical geography, geology, land and people and flora and fauna are depicted in the exposition. Dynamic natural phenomena on Earth have been highlighted around the central globe with the help of modern technology. Interactive multimedia presentations have been used for information retrieval and visitor engagement. Hands on exhibits supplement the exhibition to explain various physical phenomena of the Earth.

In addition the Earth Exploration Hall has a built-in 3-D theatre where visitors can witness the dynamic phenomena on Earth with 3-D effects wearing a special polaroid glass.