Science City » Biodiversity

To commemorate the International Year of Biodiversity this exposition was developed in 2010. In this exhibition world biodiversity hotspots including India are highlighted. Signature plants and animal species of each hot spot are on display in this exhibition. The prime energy source of biodiversity is photosynthesis. To highlight the process of photosynthesis a series of exhibits dealing with plant, leaf, internal structure of leaf, organs responsible for absorption of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen, role of chloroplasts in making Chlorophyll, chemical reactions that takes place in the process of photosynthesis, are explained. Light and dark reactions that occur during photosynthesis are explained in these exhibits with interesting illustrations. 3D models of a Cell, Nucleus, Nucleolus, Lysosomes and Mitochondria are on display. This exhibition is very useful to students in understanding biodiversity and the process of photosynthesis.